Arianna Grande, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles And Others, Tops Tooxclusive World Chart

Billie Eilish

In this month/week’s episode of my favourite songs, Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Pop Smoke, Future made the list. This is a playlist loaded with songs that are currently hitting speakers and climbing charts globally, songs that would put you through the week.

Get the hot sauce below!!!

1. Arianna Grande – β€œPOVβ€œ

In this music Arianna expresses that her partner is truly in love with her for who she is and wishes she could see herself through their point of view in order to understand why they love her so much despite her flaws…It is a very soothing music with a relaxing melody.

2. Pop Smoke – β€œFor The Night” featuring Lil Baby and DaBaby

This is a quick moving Rap track about the artists ,they talks about sex,weapons and expensive items to boast about in their status in life and they also pay homage to the deceased Pop smoke…The song was recorded before Pop smoke lost his life.

3. Lewis Calpadi – β€œSomeone You Lovedβ€œ

Lewis Calpadi writes this song to a past partner whom he misses. He feels as though he gave the relationship everything and she left him anyway. Now, he just wants someone to love because he misses the way it felt with his ex.

4. Billie Eilish – β€œTherefore I Amβ€œ

In this music i think Billie Ellish is trying to tell those who try to use her name to clout chase to stop the act because she’s not their friend.

5. Justin Bieber x Benny Blanco – β€œLonelyβ€œ

This music is about how becoming a superstar at such a young age affected him.He’s reflecting on how he sacrificed his privacy and adolescence for fame and wealth without always having a life without the cameras..In my opinion I feel he sang the song in a depressed state of mind.

6. Future x Lil Uzi Vert – β€œDrankin N Smokinβ€œ

This music has both Future and Lil Uzi being more affectionate towards their women and making love while drinking and smoking.

Future raps how he let his women do the most, giving her better opportunities, and how he is at the top of the game, with Uzi jumping into his verse with a unique flow rapping about the women he’s talked to and how they always assumed things labout him but were wrong, and that he’s going to be the best they had.

7. Luke Combs – β€œForever After Allβ€œ

In this music the singer rattles off a list of things that eventually lose their shine in this love song .He stated that trucks break down, blue jeans fade, and, for some unfortunate reason, beer bottles all end up empty. Listening to the music you’ll understand that For the entirety of his 30 years, Combs just accepted these tiny tragedies as facts of life.

8. The Weeknd – β€œBlinding Lightsβ€œ

The music Blinding Lights finds Abel in a constant state of distraction that he only gets relief from when in the presence of other people who are important to him. The song is an up-tempo Electropop track that features large 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance music drums.

9. Tones & I – β€œDance Monkeyβ€œ

It’s a song about a moment where the artist felt frustrated about how people had no patience anymore.

10. Harry Styles – β€œWatermelon Sugarβ€œ

In β€œWatermelon Sugar”, Harry Styles recalls a summer past, singing of scrumptious berries and a former love.

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